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A different way of seeing the world around you.

iViewPoint is a technological product for the promotion of destinations through the enhancement of their viewpoints. A technological lookout table allows visitors to access exclusive content of the most outstanding heritage resources from their mobile phones (Web, QR or NFC) through rich text and multimedia content, encouraging them to share the experience on their social networks.

How do we create an iViewPoint?


We offer a comprehensive turnkey service where we take care of the entire process for the creation of an iViewPoint network viewer. We show below each of the necessary steps:

Step 1
01 .

Selection of viewpoints

Our specialists gather information by creating a spatial database of the most outstanding viewpoints in the national and European panorama that can be part of the iViewPoint network. For each of these viewpoints, we carry out a study of the existing road accesses in the area and analyse the heritage elements to be marked according to their uniqueness, degree of historical-cultural-natural interest and state of conservation. Based on this work we draw up a list of elements, agreed by a committee of experts and local entities, which will verify the above criteria.

Step 2
02 .

Content creation

Based on the above list, we have developed the conceptualisation and exhibition discourse of each viewpoint, tracing a thread that gives meaning to the interpretation as a whole and the way in which different places and elements that act on a tourist destination come together. With this approach, we aim to present the resources as a tourist product, in such a way that it helps to extend the visitor's stay, inviting them to discover nearby points of interest. We generate user-friendly content in several languages and multiple formats: Photography and video 360, audios, texts, etc, a task for which we have a team of experts in multiple disciplines (historians, biologists, geographers, photographers,...) that guarantee the quality and rigor of the contents.

Step 3
03 .

Panoramic Tables & Resources

We design interpretative panoramic tables on which we mark the most outstanding heritage resources visible from each viewpoint, which will be accessible from the mobile phone via Web, QR or NFC. We manufacture the table using materials The visitor will be able to access rich contents of each resource. The materials of the tables offer a 10-year guarantee against ultraviolet rays. And among their technical characteristics, we can highlight that they are 100% recyclable, their high rigidity, their ease of cleaning from possible graffiti, their resistance to burns and to strong temperature changes.

Step 4
04 .

Promotion and dissemination

We created a complete record of the viewpoint on the iviewpoint.eu portal, uploaded the content to our cloud platform to be viewed from the mobile web application and initiated a plan to promote and disseminate the new viewpoint on the web, creating new entries on our blog, dissemination on social networks, etc.

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