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  • Mazaricos (A Coruña)
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Dive into this amazing 360 degree photo of A RUÑA and look for its resources in any direction.


Monte de 'A Ruña', at 646 metres, is the highest point in the municipality of Mazaricos. It is a magnificent viewpoint over a large part of the municipal territory and beyond: the valleys formed by the rivers Arcos, Beba and Xallas.

The other mountain ranges that try to snatch its pre-eminence: the Pindo, the Buxantes mountains, Mount Aro or the 'Costa de Corzón'. Or the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean crossed by the mythical promontory of Fisterra. In A Ruña there was a castle of which some vestiges are still preserved, and nowadays it is still possible to find horses grazing freely as in former times.


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