What is iViewPoint?

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iViewPoint is a technological product for the promotion of destinations through the enhancement of their viewpoints. A technological lookout table allows visitors to access exclusive content of the most outstanding heritage resources from their mobile phones (Web, QR or NFC) through rich text and multimedia content, encouraging them to share the experience on their social networks.

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    We select viewpoints

    Our specialists study and visit the destinations to know their most picturesque and exclusive viewpoints.

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    We create content

    We locate and interpret the heritage resources present in each viewpoint, generating rich content in multiple languages and formats (photo, video 360, audio, text,...)

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    Technological Panoramic Tables

    We design interpretative panoramic tables to show the visitor the rich natural and cultural heritage of the environment of the viewpoint.

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Most popular viewpoints

Most popular

Enter an immersive experience and discover all the secrets hidden in the viewpoints of the iViewPoint network. We are waiting for you!

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Discover the secrets of each viewpoint from the hand of our specialists and dare to visit them.

Two unique viewpoints in the Atlantic Islands National Park to join the iViewpoint network

Thanks to the support of the aid programme in the area of socio-economic influence of the Parque Nacional das Illas Atlánticas de Galicia, financed by the European Union Next-Generation, the viewpoints of the Cíes lighthouse and Fedorentos in Ons will be added to the iViewpoint network. The project, called Miradoiros Atlánticos, aims to interpret the visible resources in a didactic and enjoyable way for the visitor, highlighting the rich natural and cultural heritage of this area.

  • 07/12/2022
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